Room for Improvement - Upcycling workshop


Room for improvement…

The upcycling workshop at BGBJ has been an ongoing project since we got the stairs leading up to the roof in 2016.  We have gradually build up a respectable selection of tools, materials storage and workbenches.

The workshop is being developed into an important community asset and is a crucial element of our future projects to improve the landfill.  Many items have already been created from the workshop including most of the furniture at BGBJ and hand crafted signs that have been sold to customers as far away as Finland and USA.

Our dream for the workshop is to continue developing it as a place for people to learn skills, borrow tools, hang out, and make something cool.  We invite all people to come along and join in the creativity, pass on some ideas or skills, or simply smash apart an old pallet.

If you would like to commission some furniture, picture frames, signs or any other upcycled product please contact us at with details.

* The workshop is still incomplete and prone to flooding.  We are still urgently seeking donations so that we can hire some local builders to finish off the roof and prevent further leaks and damage.