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Balms and Body Care

Traveller's Balm

"Aussie Battler" Travellers Balm

"Aussie Battler" Travellers Balm

BGBJ Style Travellers' Balm is an all natural multi-purpose product suitable for anyone adventuring and working in the great outdoors. The balm is suitable to keep away insects and bugs; soothe bites, stings, cuts, and bruises; protect from the sun, sweat and dirt; relieve tension, headaches and colds; and even make the sweatiest of bodies smell fresh after a long, hard day.

Our balms are blended with high quality essential oils selected to prevent and treat a variety of problems that face backpackers, sports people, gardeners and families.

The balms have a base of natural beeswax, shea butter, virgin coconut oil, grape seed oil, and extra virgin olive oil that is easily pliable onto the skin yet does not block your pores or melt in your bag. Coconut oil and olive oil are well known to protect the skin from the sun, soothe and moisturise, and repel all kinds of bugs and insects.

Balms are made at the BGBJ in Bantar Gebang, please allow one week for production and shipping.

Big (60ml) - Rp 100k
Medium (30ml) - Rp 70k
mall (15ml) - Rp 40k

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Furniture and Home-wares

Our upstairs workshop is equipped with tools and materials to design and create a unique piece for your home. Currently our furniture and home-wares are commissioned pieces and made-to-order. Please contact us if you're interested in owning a crafted piece specially made for you!






Accessories and Merchandise

We have a number of Tshirt designs available to order. 

  • "I Heart BGBJ" in various colours
  • "Santai... It's BGBJ Style" cap and tshirt
  • "The Best Dump Ever" tshirt
  • BGBJ Logo Stickers