Welcome to BGBJ

Our home on the dump

BGBJ is a hostel and community hub located on a landfill site called Bantar Gebang, just outside Jakarta in Indonesia.

The landfill is home to 3000 families that live on the dump where parents earn a meagre income by picking through the 8000 tonnes of rubbish that comes everyday from Jakarta. 

As you can imagine the conditions here are extremely challenging, poor quality housing with little or no sanitation, unsavoury smells, flies, bacteria, and all compounded by low income and lack of alternatives.

BGBJ stands for "The Seeds of Bantar Gebang" and the aim of BGBJ is to create a unique community asset functioning as both a hostel and a hub, a place that serves both visitors and the local community who live on the landfill. 

We run a number of projects and activities to help fund the running and development of education and facilities such as a school, workshop, tool shed, improved sanitation and a computer lab. As such BGBJ is a way to provide better facilities and create sustainable pathways out of the poverty trap through education and employment.

Since 2014 our growing group of friends from around the world, who believe that the children are the seeds to a positive future for this area, have been helping BGBJ founder and good friend Resa turn her neighbourhood into "The Best Dump Ever".

If you're interested in learning more about Bantar Gebang, coming for a visit or supporting us on one of our projects through participating or donating then we would really love to hear from you.


Bantar Gebang location in Indonesia

Below is a short video to show you the size, scale and community that exists on Bantar Gebang

A video put together by our friend Alex, a photographer who came to BGBJ to explore the landfill and meet with the people who live there. Please visit his website for more excellent images from here and other places.

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