Why is the BGBJ needed?



·      The BGBJ is a social enterprise with a mission to improve the living and working conditions for the waste picker families at Bantar Gebang

·      The project will build upon existing successful projects founded and operated by the project leader Resa.

·      The project will provide a platform for training and entrepreneurial opportunities

·      Local people will have the chance to learn new languages, cultures, and skills in order to improve their employability and financial literacy

·      The project aims to foster a sense of self sufficiency in its participants and observers



·      Direct impact for the participants is new skills and education that are transferable to other situations

·      Profit from the BGBJ will be reinvested into communal infrastructure such as showers and toilets, vege gardens, and other basic requirements

·      Indirectly, the influx of bules and domestic visitors will provide a catalyst to boost the local economy with ventures such as transportation hire, homestays, food and beverage, guided tours, and entertainment.

·      The project aims to create a positive identity for the area and act as a safe, centre of hope and hard work to make the area a better place.