Opening 2016


Come stay with us for a few nights at Bantar Gebang.  Our hostel will be build using sustainable design principles and will exceed international standards of comfort and cleanliness.  We aim to achieve high levels of satisfaction using low impact technologies.  



Opening late 2015


The hub will provide a creative platform for numerous educational, entrepreneurial and community activities.  Including in the design are provisions for a workshop, storeroom, internet connected classroom, and library.  Visitors and locals will be encourage to join in on projects and create value for themselves and others


Vege Garden



The landfill poses many challenges for families trying to nourish themselves on very low incomes.  Our vege garden seeks to understand potentials for rain water filtration, composting, hydroponics and aquaponics in providing significant amounts of nutrition and hydration for low income familes.  This on-going project aims to educate and innovate adaptable solutions. 


Shower block

Opening 2016


Unfortunately, many of the families have poor access to cleaning facilities.  We are seeking to raise funds and acquire the resources to provide them with an adequate "shower' block that will feature hot running water for shower, flushing toilets, laundry facilities and adequate shade and seating for socialising.  This initial projcet will be focused on providing females with safe, private, and clean facilities to clean themselves, their children and laundry.





At Bantar Gebang we are lucky enough to be surrounded by an abundant resource for upcycling - waste!!!